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How Staunton Coffee Lovers Can Make Gourmet Coffee at Home

Updated: Feb 4

Staunton coffee lovers know that they can always get a fresh, hot, gourmet cup of coffee at The Coffee Cave. That’s because every 90 minutes we brew up a fresh round of joe.

And not just any old joe, either. We offer 30 varieties of coffee from around the world, including fairly traded organic Sumatran dark roast.

One of the big questions we hear is, “How do you make barista coffee at home?” Since you asked, we thought we’d share four tips for making gourmet coffee at home.

How to Make Coffee Shop Coffee at Home

Obviously, you have to start with fresh, good quality coffee beans! Generally, grocery store coffee is either pre-ground or the beans have been sitting on the shelf for weeks to months.

So why is that a problem?

Ground coffee begins to lose its flavor about 30 minutes after the grind. So, steer clear. And grocery store coffee beans? Unless there is a “roasted by” date, there’s no telling how old the beans are.

For the true Staunton coffee lover, buy from a quality coffee shop! Now, let’s move on to how to make that gourmet cup of coffee at home.

#1-Temperature Makes All the Difference

Water that’s cooler than 195- 205 degrees Fahrenheit will cause your coffee to taste flat because it's been under-extracted.

Conversely, water that’s too hot will also result in poor quality taste.

Think of it like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You want a temperature that’s just right to make exceptional coffee!

#2-Coffee Bean Storage: Staunton Coffee Lovers Never Do This!

If you want exceptional tasting coffee you’ve got to preserve the beans. That means storing them in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Oxygen is the enemy of coffee causing it to degrade and go stale. That’s why an airtight container extends freshness.

Secondly, while buying in bulk is great for some things, not for coffee. Only buy as much as you will use in 30 days to get the maximum flavor from your brew.

What about storing it in the refrigerator or freezer? Not really a good idea. Coffee is a magnet for odors. So unless you want your beans to pick up the flavor of onions in the fridge or lasagna in the freezer, avoid coffee cold storage!

#3-It’s All About the Grind

Two tips you should know about grinding your beans. First, always grind them as close to the brewing time as possible. Since ground coffee loses its flavor 30 minutes after it’s ground, your window for maximum freshness is limited.

So, work it to your advantage.

Next, the National Coffee Association recommends either a burr or mill grinder for superior results.

“A burr or mill grinder is best because the coffee is ground to a consistent size,” the association says.

A blade grinder won’t provide consistent results. Some coffee will be more finely ground than the rest. To keep your brew high quality and the envy of the neighborhood, keep the coffee grind consistent.

#4-Use This Water, Not That

Today’s tap water is loaded with chemicals that take away from the full flavor of coffee. To make your brew truly satisfying, use filtered water.

When you do, you’ll discover more delicate notes and flavors you can’t taste with tap water. A Brita countertop water filter will work just fine and you’ll never begrudge the $19 or so bucks you spent to elevate your coffee experience.

There you have it, Staunton coffee lovers! These four tips are really simple and doable for making gourmet coffee shop coffee at home. Try them and let us know what you think about the quality of your coffee.

And when you’re on the run, stop by The Cave and grab a gourmet cup. Or visit us on the web to learn more: https://www.jakescave.com.


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