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Coffee Brewing Tips: 5 Simple Ways to Brew A Flavorful Cup Every Time

Honestly, is there anything more alluring to Staunton coffee lovers than the aroma of fresh coffee beans any time of the day? It makes me weak in the knees.

But how do you make that freshly opened package of beans taste as good as the very last scoop? Actually, it’s not really as hard as you might think.

We’ve got 5 coffee brewing tips that are simple and ensure a flavorful cup of coffee every time.

1-Always Buy Fresh Coffee Beans

For a fresh, flavorful cup of coffee, you have to start with fresh beans. That’s the cardinal rule!

Grocery store, pre-ground coffee commonly doesn’t provide a “roasted on” date. That’s because most of the coffee has, in all likelihood, been sitting on the shelf for months.

Turn to small, local coffee shops for quality, gourmet coffee. The Coffee Cave always displays the roasted on date on the bag.

Coffee lovers know they are getting the freshest coffee possible.

2-For the Best Brew, Give Up Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk has its place, just not with coffee. That’s because coffee reaches its peak flavor a few days after roasting.

The rule of thumb is to buy only what you’ll consume within 2-3 weeks. And, store those beans in an airtight container, in a dark, cool place. Exposure to oxygen causes beans to go stale.

If you don’t have an airtight container and don’t want to spend $14-$30 on one, opt for a ziplock bag and a Mason jar. It’s the next best thing.

3-Big Coffee Brewing Tip: Let’s Talk About the Grind

Fresh beans, fresh grind. Experts say that coffee starts to lose its flavor just 30 minutes after its ground. That’s why grinding and using them right away will ensure the most flavorful cup of coffee.

How you grind your beans is just as important. A too-coarse grind will create a weak cup of coffee.

A grind that’s too fine will over-extract the coffee, giving it a bitter taste. Opt for a medium-fine grind for best results.

You can pay $100+ for an automatic burr grinder or choose to go old school with a manual hand mill. It’s the most affordable option and it gives a consistent grind.

4-Measuring Your Coffee the Right Way

When it comes to making coffee, you want each step to be consistent every time. That’s the best guarantee of a flavorful cup of coffee.

Make sure you use the same amount of coffee per unit of water with each brew. Go for a digital scale to keep the measurement consistent.

Ideally, you want a ratio of 1:20 or one part coffee to 20 parts of water. That will make a strong cup.

5-Pre-Infuse Coffee Grounds

An automatic coffee maker doesn't properly prepare the grounds for full extraction.

A pour-over like a Chemex does prep the coffee by pouring water over the

grounds creating a pre-infusion called a “bloom.”

This releases any remaining carbon dioxide gas that’s left from the roasting process.

Skipping this step allows carbon dioxide to repel water during the brewing process which makes a weaker brew.

For automatic coffeemakers, simply insert a filter into the hopper, add coffee grounds, then heat water to approximately 200 degrees. Slowly, pour the water over the grounds.

Be sure to soak all of them. Let sit for about 45 seconds before starting the coffeemaker.

With these simple coffee brewing tips, we think you’ll find your cup of coffee reaches a new level of enjoyment!

Stop in at the Coffee Cave in Staunton, VA, for a gourmet cup of coffee any time of the day!

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