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Our Craft Beer Growlers Are Better Than Breweries...And We Can Prove It!

best growlers to go staunton va
Craft beer on tap, Staunton, VA
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Check Out Our 

Beer Cave

We've got local and domestic beers


Fast-filling growlers stay fresh longer!


All $12.99 



just $10

Growler Hours

Mon-Thur 6 a.m.-

8 p.m.


 Fri-Sat 6 a.m.-

8:30 p.m.

Sunday 7 a.m.-

8 p.m.

Same keg beer freshness with our unique growlers!

Best Craft Beer, Staunton, VA

Virginia Craft Beer Stays Fresher Longer Than Brewery Beer

What if you could enjoy Virginia craft beer growlers that tasted fresh from the keg? Heck, you can't even get that from a brewery!

But you can get it at Jake's Convenience & Subway. That's because our growlers are built for the job. These amber colored growler containers are molded with UV inhibitors to protect your beer from excess light and UV exposure. (We love the sun, just not on our beer!)


Specially constructed, our growlers protect the integrity of the beer, so that it doesn't immediately break down.

But that's only half of what extends your growler beer's shelf life...

Standard Growler Filling in Staunton, VA

The other half is how the growler is filled from the tap.

It's the traditional method. Place the growler under the tap and pour, which results in excessive foam, increased waste, and well...messiness.

And what happens?

From the moment your beer is poured, it loses its integrity. That means the shelf life for your growler of beer is only 2-3 days!

The traditional method allows oxygen to flow freely into your container causing the unique taste of your craft beer to immediately break down. 

What a senseless waste.

Foam-Free Fast Filling Growlers

At Jake's, we love good craft beer so much, we couldn't stand the thought of wasting an ounce of nature's precious brew.


That's why our growlers stay on the job even after the beer is poured.

Here's how.

With a unique counter pressurized filling system, your growler is pressurized with carbon dioxide before filling it with beer--eliminating all oxygen from the bottle.

How Beer Freshness Stays in The Bottle

We don't just slap on a cap and tell you to have a nice day.


Our growler caps not only ensure no spillage, but it guarantees that your beer stays fresh because no oxygen can get in.

You get keg fresh craft beer!

$3.99 and Up to 30 Refills

For a mere $3.99, you can buy either 32 ounce or 64 ounce growler.  You can come back to Jake's growler station and get up to 30 refills on that same bottle.

We do recommend you wash your container after each use to enjoy your growler refill to the fullest.

Jake's Staunton, VA Big Beer Bottle Guarantee  

As you can see, Jake's is not just another beer growler store.

We're the best growler station in Staunton because of our commitment to keeping fine craft beer at the peak of freshest.

(Just like our coffee commitment!)

With our unique growler system, we can guarantee keg freshness with every growler of beer you buy.

And our growler prices?

craft beer growler staunton va

For a 32 ounce growler, it's $7.99. The 64 ounce varies. Generally, it's around $12.99. For stouts, it's $14.99.

Quite reasonable, wouldn't you say?

Best Growler Station, Staunton, VA

So the next time you Google, "best growler station, staunton," don't be surprised when Jake's Convenience & Subway pops up.


Get your growler to go; enjoy your brew and make Jake's your growler station of choice!

Remember, we love good beer just as much as you do.








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