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Gourmet Coffee Shop & Convenience Store

in Staunton, VA

Jake's Convenience & Subway is way more than just a convenient stop on your way to work, or heading home from work.


A fixture in the Staunton, Churchville communities for over 30 years, Jake's has gourmet coffee , craft beer , gas, and last minute snacks for the road.


It's also the place to stop for hiker's, hunters, skiers, and fishermen wanting last minute items before hitting the trail.


And if you're a tourist, or just looking for a something special, check out our selection of cool and unusual gifts!



At Jake's, we could skimp on the finer things in life, but we chose not to.

That's why you'll find not only our Beer Cave with many varieties of your favorite beer, you'll also find we have a growler station, too.

At Jakes, we only carry the best craft beer, mostly those from many fine Virginia breweries. 


Happy of 4th July
July Drink Feature

French Vanilla Berry Latte


Red, White, & Blue Latte

"Stay Fresh" Growler Beer

Jake's also carries:

  • Imported and local wine

  • Fountain drinks

  • Iced cold bottled drinks

  • And coffee

We also want to make sure that our fine Virginia craft beer stays keg fresh until you open it.


With our counter pressure filling system, our growler bottles eliminate all oxygen so that your beer will stay keg fresh, unopened, up to 30 days.



That's why our growlers outperform brewery growlers, hands down.


We Make Fresh Gourmet Coffee Every 90 Minutes

You're in a rush, no time to make coffee, but you gotta have a cup! What do you do?

Stop in at Jake's, of course!


We don't sell "convenience store coffee." You know that burned out, it's-been-sitting-for-hours, coffee.


Nope. Not happening here.

We have the best coffee EVER!

Our sister store, the Coffee Cave, only brews gourmet coffees for a rich, flavorful cup. You'll find lattes, cappuccinos, frappes, and much more, waiting for you.

Our coffee beans are freshly roasted and our coffee is made fresh every 90 minutes.

And we have iced coffee made from coarse ground espresso.

jake's convenience churchville

Plus, we have all kinds of pastries, even homemade goodies to tempt you.

But be forewarned. Grab those homemade goodies while you can because they disappear fast!

Check out The Cave's smoothies, too. (No high fructose corn syrup.)

All of our milkshakes and espresso shakes are made with Hershey's ice cream!

subway near me
We've Got Subway Sandwiches Ready For Lunch

Subway lunch is served!

With fresh baked bread, tempting meats, cheeses and vegetables, you have an array of delicious sandwiches and sides to tempt you.

Looking to trim your waistline? Check out our Fresh Fit line with 8 Subway sandwiches that are healthy for you!

subway sandwich, staunton va

Less fat, less calories...they are perfect for a lunch that fills you up without expanding your waistline.

  • Black Forest Ham

  • Oven Roasted Chicken

  • Rotisserie-Style Chicken

  • Subway Club

  • Turkey Breast

  • Veggie Delight

  • Roast Beef

  • Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki

In all, we have 17 tasty sandwiches and 17 salads, 14 of which are gluten-free.

Jake's Convenience Has Hershey's Ice Cream
hershey's ice cream near me

You scream for ice cream! Hershey's ice cream, that is.

Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Moosetracks, Cappuccino Crunch, and Butter Pecan, we hand dip all of our cones and cups.

Take home your favorite flavor in pints or half-gallons.

Last Minute Groceries And Gas...And Lottery Tickets!

On your way home from work and still need a few items for dinner?

Jake's Convenience carries a variety of frozen foods to help make your dinner a little easier and quicker.

Jake's Convenience, Staunton, VA

Don't forget to fill up your tank with gas, too. That's one less thing you'll have to do in the morning!

Grab a Virginia lottery ticket, too, and maybe you won't have to worry with driving to work and fixing something for dinner.

Until then, Jake's Convenience & Subway will be here, making your day a little more delicious and convenient.

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