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Why You Like Your Coffee the Way You Do

Well, this is fun so we thought we'd play along.

Dutch Brothers coffee company, didn't have anything better to do with their money than to spend it on a coffee personality test. They hired OnePoll to do the honors.

So since you've always wanted to know what kind of coffee drinker you are, we thought we'd share the results of this 2,000 person study. Ready?

Okay, if you're an introvert who enjoys mornings and the TV show, "Law and Order," you probably like your coffee black.

Ambiverts, those who are both introverts and extroverts equally, (how does that work anyway?) are more likely to have coffee with milk and sugar. According to the survey, it's 45%.

Prefer just milk in your coffee? Then you're more likely to be the diplomat between two opposing sides, and you like dogs and cats equally.

Coffee Drinkers' Favorite Season

Black coffee drinkers, you are more likely to say that winter is your favorite time of year. But those that like something extra in their java prefer summer.

Are you buying any of this?

And then there's the astrological difference...

As a Taurus, you prefer coffee black or with sugar. Aries coffee drinkers like their morning brew with milk. Leos, on the other hand, add just a little milk and sugar to their java.

Coffee Drinkers and TV Shows

Of the three in five coffee drinkers that added milk to their brew, they loved "Game of Thrones." "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" crowd prefer a lighter fare and sugar, please.

Those who like milk in their coffee were 49% more likely to watch "Big Little Lies." Milk and sugar lovers were also 19% more likely to watch "The Big Bang Theory."

Coffee Drinkers and Sleeping Habits

It seems coffee preferences also affect sleeping habits. Black coffee drinkers think of themselves as light sleepers, waking up at the slightest sound. They also describe themselves as "always" on time.

For the rest of us, four in 10 who drink their coffee with sugar described their punctuality habits as "often" on time. Whereas milk and sugar lovers said they were "never" on time.

Actually, here at The Coffee Cave, we don't care how you take your coffee. We'll serve it up for you just the way you like!

And whether you're on time or late, we're here. So come on by. You'll find us at Jake's Convenience on route 250 outside of Staunton. We've got all kinds of comfort foods to go with that cup of Joe and plenty of hospitality!

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