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5 Fun Gift-Giving Ideas for Coffee Lovers in 2019

Gingerbread man, coffee, Santa hat, and holiday decorations

Yes, it's that wonderful time of year. We all have to think about what to buy for the people on our list. Sometimes that's a pain (just sayin') but not with our joe-loving friends!

The holidays give us an opportunity to kick creativity into high gear with fun gift-giving ideas for coffee lovers. And what fun it is!

We've rounded up five cool gifts any coffee lover would be tickled to have. Best of all, these gifts won't break the bank.

Bialetti Mokka Espresso Pot (3-Cup)

Bialetti Mokka Espresso Pot
Bialetti Mokka Espresso Pot

If your coffee lover loves rich, authentic Italian coffee and wants it in a few minutes, get them the Bialetti Mokka Espresso Pot. It's the standard in stovetop espresso coffeemakers.

This version is great for 2-3 people and produces three 2 ounce cups in just 4-5 minutes. With its distinctive aluminum eight-sided shape, the Bialetti diffuses the heat perfectly to enhance the coffee aroma.

It's up to you to decide how to add that shot of espresso. Cappuccino? Latte? Whatever you choose, it will taste that much better with the Bialetti Mokka.

Get it at Amazon, Target, or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Prices range from around $22-$35.

Jabuka Twisting Alphabet Game

Jabuka Twisting Alphabet Game
Jabuka Twisting Alphabet Game

Coffee and cool just go together which is why your coffee enthusiast will love the Jabuka Twisting Alphabet Game.

Talk about using your bean! To win this word game, you've got to use the most beans, but here's the twist. These coffee bean-shaped pieces have yellow characters that can be turned around to form different letters.

Think changing a "j" to an "r." Or "m" to "e." Totally twisted, yes, which makes it a lot of fun especially with double letter combinations that change with their orientation. (Better brew another pot of coffee.)

Form new words, hijack and change existing words made by a competing player or team, whatever. The one with the most beans wins! Uncommon Goods has this one for $20.

OXO Cold Brew Coffeemaker (Plus Hot Coffeemaker)

OXO Cold Brew Coffeemaker
OXO Cold Brew Coffeemaker

Cold brew lovers crave that low-acid, smooth coffee taste. And it's no wonder! That overnight slow brew releases only the most aromatic coffee flavors.

With the OXO Cold Brew Coffeemaker, just add grounds to the brewing area and fill the Rainmaker to the top with water. It will ensure that the water is evenly distributed over the grounds. Then 12-24 hours later, enjoy!

The OXO has a stainless steel ultra-fine mesh filter for quick, easy cleanup. The coffee concentrate, once prepared, is ready for iced or hot coffee. Get it at Amazon for $49.95

Steampunk Coffee Grinder

Steampunk Coffee Grinder
Steampunk Coffee Grinder

So, who's waking you up again with the electric coffee grinder? Problem solved with this baby. The Steampunk Coffee Grinder features an adjustable, ceramic burr grinder complemented with a solid maple cap.

It holds 20 tablespoons of fresh, finely ground coffee. And, the mill screws onto most Mason jars. Think of it as a two-fer, a grind and store system. Get it at UncommonGoods for $65.

Evak Fresh Saver Airless Canister

Evak Fresh Saver Airless Canister
Evak Fresh Saver Airless Canister

Love that coffee aroma when you first open the bag? It's truly mouthwatering! But after that initial rush, coffee beans start to lose their flavor.

Keep those beans fresh with the Evak Fresh Saver Airless Canister. It's airtight with a patented system that's won four international awards for cosmetic design and functionality.

Scientifically proven to keep that coffee aroma locked inside, it also resists odors and stains. You can also use it for tea and herbs. You'll find it in 1.8 cup, 4 liter, or 5 quart containers.

Dishwasher safe, the Evak was awarded the #1 choice for "best storage containers to keep food fresh." And it's easy on your pocketbook. Prices start at just $9.98 on Amazon.

One More Gift That Fits Nicely

So did you find something you like? Great! They're all fun gift-giving ideas for coffee lovers in 2019.

But remember, there's another gift coffee lovers here in Staunton and Augusta County love, no matter the year or the season.

A gift card to The Coffee Cave! Stop by and we'll fix you right up. Learn more about us on the web. We're a traveler's best friend!

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