• Ann Allanson

9 Unusual Ingredients to Add to Your Coffee

Coffee has always been America's go-to choice for our morning eye opener. But it's only been recently that it has exploded as a chic way to get your motor started.

From the vintage to the modern twist on coffee drinking, (cue Bulletproof Coffee), there are many ways Staunton gourmet coffee drinkers can elevate their morning brew.

We've outlined 9 additions that will make you think twice about how people around the world enjoy their coffee. Plus, each has some added health benefits, and that's never a bad thing!

#1 Black Pepper

Want more kick to your morning coffee?

The sharp, pungent taste of pepper is one way to get it. Adding just a pinch can aid in digestion and add more antioxidants to your day!

#2 Salt

Sounds strange, doesn't it?

Years ago when the quality of coffee wasn't as good as it is now, coffee drinkers would add a bit of salt to coffee to cut the bitterness. Today, some coffee aficionados still swear by it, adding a 1/4 teaspoon to grounds before brewing.

It's one addition, though, you won't find at our Staunton convenience store and coffee shop. We only have quality coffee beans!

#3 Butter

Dave Asprey made Bulletproof Coffee famous. But what is it exactly?

Also called butter coffee, you simply add a pat of grass fed butter to your morning brew. There are several benefits. It makes your morning joe rich, smooth and creamy. And, it also adds numerous nutrients which help you feel fuller longer!

#4 Cardamom

Add a little Middle Eastern twist to your coffee.

You can either drop cardamom pods into your cup or brew the seeds in with the grounds. Either way, your brew will taste earthy with undertones of vanilla.

#5 Turmeric

The ancient spice, turmeric, has taken the world by storm.

Praised for its anti-inflammatory properties, adding it to your coffee gives you additional health benefits, while adding a warm, rich earth flavor.

#6 Cinnamon

Ah, cinnamon! How we love you!

This household favorite protects against high blood sugar and can even improve heart health.

Either add it ground to your coffee grounds, sprinkle some on top in your cup, or stir your cup with a cinnamon stick.

#7 Gelatin

No, not Jello gelatin!

Gelatin derived from collagen is packed with amino acids and protein. Flavorless and colorless, you won't even know it's in your coffee, but you'll get all the health benefits!

#8 Nut Butter

This one is a twist on the whole butter coffee idea.

Adding peanut, almond or some other nut butter to your coffee gives it a unique flavor. It also adds protein and healthy fats, similar to Bulletproof Coffee. You'll feel satisfied right up until lunchtime.

Just stir in a dollop to your coffee and let it melt. Or, toss coffee and nut butter into a blender.

Let me know how this one turns out. I haven't got the guts to try it.

#9 Eggs

When I was a little girl, my grandfather beat up a raw egg and chugged it down every morning. It scarred me for life.

Eggs are high in protein and rich in all kinds of nutrients. Adding an egg to coffee has been a Scandinavian tradition for years, and I'm happy for them. Really.

If you want to try it, before brewing, beat an egg and add it to dry coffee grounds. Some coffee drinkers even add the shells!

Looking for a gourmet cup of coffee just the way you like it? Stop by the Coffee Cave at Jake's Convenience on Route 250 west. We'll fix you right up. Or, visit us on the web at: www.jakescave.com.

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