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How Many of These Coffee Facts Did You Know?

Updated: Jan 3

As a Staunton gourmet coffee shop, we love all things coffee. But even we didn't know some of these facts! We're curious. How many did you know?

1. Coffee beans are really seeds.

(Yes, we knew that one.) They are actually the pit of the plant but are called "beans" because they resemble legumes.

2. You can eat coffee berries as food.

Long time ago, people would mix coffee berries with fat to create an energy rich snack ball. Additionally, they would ferment the pulp to make a wine-like drink.

3. Finland has the biggest population of coffee lovers.

Sadly, no, it's not the US. The average Finn goes through a hefty 27.5 pounds of coffee each year, according to the International Coffee Organization. And the States? We only drink a measly 11 pounds per American.

4. The largest cup of coffee ever filled was a 9-foot tall cup.

In 2012, a 3,487 gallon cup of coffee earned recognition from Guiness World Records.

5. The world's most expensive coffee will run you more than $600 per pound.

The civet, a cat-like creature eats fruit, including coffee cherries but is unable to digest the beans. The beans they excrete produces a smooth, less acidic brew called Kopi Iuwak. However, animal activists aren't too happy about the means of production as the civets are increasingly caught in the wild and traded for coffee production purposes.

6. For hundreds of years, people have tried to ban coffee.

As far back as 1511, leaders in Mecca believed that coffee stimulated radical thinking, so they ​​​​outlawed the drink. In the 16th century, Italian clergymen also tried to ban the brew calling it "satanic."

That didn't work out so well since Pope Clement VII loved it so much he lifted the ban. He later had coffee baptized in 1600. (Shoo, evil spirits!)

7. The word "coffee" comes from the Arabic word for "wine."

In Turkey, Qahwah later became kahveh. In Dutch it was koffie. That's how we got the English word of coffee.

8. Only two states in the US produce coffee.

Kona coffee is grown in Hawaii because its weather is optimal for harvesting the beans. California just recently got into the coffee game. Now dozens of farms are producing pricey premium bags of it.

9. Espresso means "pressed out" in Italian.

The reference refers to the way espresso is made. That is, by forcing boiling water through pressed coffee grounds. Even though espresso has more caffeine per volume than regular coffee, it would still take three shots to equal the amount in a regular cup.

10. Teddy Roosevelt reportedly coined the famous Maxwell House slogan.

One of Roosevelt's sons described his father's custom coffee cup as "more in the nature of a bathtub," according to the Smithsonian. Supposedly, on a 1907 visit to Andrew Jackson's former estate, the former US President said that his cup of Maxwell House coffee was "good to the last drop." That catchphrase is still used today.

So, how did you do? We'd love to hear! If you'd rather not guess about the history of coffee but would prefer to drink it, stop by Jake's Convenience and the Coffee Cave. We're the Staunton convenience store that also serves gourmet coffee and homemade comfort food!

Or, visit us on the web at: www.jakescave.com.

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