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Portable Coffeemakers: Here are 4 of the Best

Coffee on the go

When you're running late in the morning, you might google, "coffee near me," or "best coffee shop staunton," to find the high test gourmet coffee that gets your motor running.

And that's all good. Here at the Coffee Cave, we'll have your favorite brew, hot or cold, waiting for you. And we love you for it!

But this post is for the coffee lover who buys coffee by the pound because, for them, their best Staunton coffee shop is the one in their own house.

And that's where portable coffee

makers make an entrance. We're seeing more and more of them but we found four that die-hard "I make better coffee than any local coffee shop" coffee lovers swear by.

The Perfect Gourmet Coffee-to-Go Coffee Makers

Bodum Portable Coffeemaker

The Bodum French Press Travel Press

If you like French Press coffee, you'll love making it to go in the Bodum travel press.

It makes a solid thermos of coffee just like a French Press. Great taste! An additional benefit is you don't have to wait around for the coffee to finish brewing before you leave the house.

Pour in hot water, tighten the lid with the plunger up. Then push the plunger down when you're ready.

Like any French Press coffee, you still have to deal with the grounds. But hey, you knew that already. Get it on Amazon for about $20.

Versatile French Press-Style Mug

This humble looking travel mug, called the Bobble Presse, has a built-in brewer. It's made of perforated metal that sits snugly inside a double-walled stainless steel mug.

Unlike the French Press travel mug above, you don't press down on the plunger.

Bobble Presse Travel Mug

Instead, you push the whole filter into the thermos after the grounds have steeped.

You do need to wait for the coffee to finish brewing before you can plunge it and go.

What's very cool is you can completely remove the metal microfilter from the rig and use it like a regular travel mug.

Perfect for bringing a cup of coffee from home to work. Then use the mug as a thermos in the afternoon for a coffee pick-me-up from a nearby cafe. Sweet! $23 at Target.

And for Cold Brew Coffee...

Check out the Soma SM18501K Brew Bottle Coffee

Soma Brew Bottle

Of the four spotlighted in this post, the Soma Brew Bottle is the most expensive.

However, for making pour over coffee without a separate filter or a dripper, it makes pretty good coffee!

Coffee nerds laud it and the Soma did win an award for best new product at this year's Specialty Coffee Expo. So how does it work?

According to the Soma instructions, “Pour hot water over ground coffee, put the lid on, and get ready to tackle your day." Okay, that's pretty straightforward.

The Soma has more of a ceramic mug feel than a travel mug. And the metal filter is easy to remove and clean. $40 at Food52.

Bet you never guessed this last one would make the list...

Calling all Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jars with Bands, 64 oz. Please

There are those among us who think the best way to make a cold brew cup of joe is

Wide Mouth Ball Mason Jar

with a wide mouth Mason jar.

Just grind up the coffee and pour cold water over it. Stir, then leave it in the refrigerator overnight. Use a cheesecloth to filter out the grounds.

This method is the cheapest and the most efficient way to make cold brewed coffee.

Plus, the concentrate will keep you humming all day! $6 at Target.

Stop by Jake's Convenience and the Coffee Cave. With over 30 varieties, we sell gourmet coffee by the cup or by the pound!

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