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How Many Staunton Convenience Stores Carry Goodies Like This?

No, it's not wrapped in cellophane. Nor does it come in a cute little package with a picture that's more enticing than the cake inside.

The red velvet cake you see above is homemade. Make that freshly homemade. And it's one of the reasons that Jake's Convenience and the Coffee Cave are loved by its patrons.

In addition to carrying the usual Krispy Kreme doughnuts and other pastries that pair so nicely with coffee, the Coffee Cave includes homemade goodies from local vendors, which include:

The store carries a select line of "top shelf" comfort foods from local vendors that knock the socks off of our customers.

But be forewarned!

Once these hot-out-of-the-oven goodies arrive at the store, they do not last long. That really shouldn't be a surprise, though.

And the selection changes so you're never bored!

Why Red Velvet Cake and Other Local Comfort Foods are Important

Yes, it's important to have variety in what you offer the public.

But there are two other reasons for carrying comfort foods like Red Velvet Cake, dessert breads, and cinnamon buns.

As a small business, Larry and Ann know the challenges!

That's why whenever it makes sense, they like to partner with other locally owned businesses in the area.

For the Coffee Cave, adding locally owned baking vendors just made sense. Ann's a pretty darn good cook herself, so the quality of the baked goods had to meet with her discriminating approval.

And that's the second reason for including homemade items on the menu.

Not only does it support another small business in town, but it allows them to give their customers a higher quality experience, not one you'd normally expect from a grab and go convenience store.

And that's not typical for a convenience store!

If you've ever been to Jake's Convenience, you know you'll find the tried-and-true items like

beer, cigarettes, chips, and sodas.

But you'll also find gourmet coffee, Virginia craft beer, AND homemade goodies. And that's the difference that everyone loves!

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