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Our Growler Station Has A Stay Fresh Secret

Yes, Virginia loves good craft beer! But to keep that craft beer at the peak of freshness, you need a growler station that has the same commitment to Virginia craft beer that you do.

When you come in to buy a growler or growler refill, you're buying your favorite beer. You can't wait to taste that special concoction that hits all the right notes on your palette.

So, it goes without saying you want to keep your beer as fresh as possible until you get ready to share (or not).

That's why Jake's Convenience invested in a growler station that loves beer as much as you do. The growlers are specially constructed, amber in color, and have UV inhibitors, which protects the beer from getting too much light.

This special construction protects the full flavor of your beer so that it won't break down right away.

Jake's Growler System Can't Breathe

That's right. Beer doesn't need to breathe, you do. That's why our system is foamless. You get all beer, no froth. Traditional systems increase beer waste, and we just can't have that. The moment the craft beer is poured, it begins to lose integrity.

That means if for some reason you don't drink your beer for a couple of days, it won't be the same

beer you bought. Know why? Traditional growler systems allow oxygen into your growler, ours doesn't.

Our growler system eliminates the oxygen because it's pressurized with carbon dioxide. So your beer is never compromised.

That's why our growlers stay keg fresh until you open it.

In fact, if you were silly enough to let your growler full of beer sit in your refrigerator for 30 days, it would still be just as fresh as when you bought it--if you bought it from Jake's Convenience.

While it makes us down right teary to think you'd leave good beer in the fridge for 30 days, we're relieved that you'll still have keg fresh beer when you open it.

So how much does a premium Virginia craft growler from Jake's cost? For a 32 oz., plop down $7.99.

64 oz. varies, but usually it's $12.99. Stouts are $14.99

And refills? $3.99 will buy you a 32 or 64 oz. growler. And you can get up to 30 refills on the same bottle.

Why pay more and get less quality beer?

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