• Ann Allanson

Coffee Latte Art: More Than Hearts

It seems everyone wants to grow the coffee market. I don't know why. It seems to be doing just fine on its own. Maybe you read about the study on the emotional connection to coffee? If we're not careful, coffee's going to get the big head. Or maybe it already has.

It just seems coffee has morphed into a market beyond sipping your morning cup of Joe. It's more than just being grateful coffee returns you to human form, instead of your natural state as the Incredible Hulk.

However, I have finally found a coffee trend that's actually worthy of admiration. Although, it is a bit excessive, in my opinion.

South Korean barista, Kangbin Lee is changing the way you think about coffee latte art in a big ​​way. As a coffee artist, he turns an ordinary cup of latte into a beautiful work of art. From cartoons to art masterpieces, Lee has drawn them all.

Incredibly talented, he turns your latte into a work of art. Using a thin metal rod and a palette of food dyes, your white-foamed latte becomes a colorful piece of art. Lee calls his technique "creamart." It's made with cold coffee.

His artistry has become in high demand. "How high?" You ask. He's stopped taking reservations for them.

According to what I read, Lee makes three creamart coffees each day. He is willing to create videos to show you how to do the art, if you are so inclined.

Lee has had no formal art schooling. It's pretty obvious, though, he has a natural talent many of us would like to have. So while the videos are a great idea, let's keep this in perspective.

You gotta have some artistic talent, too!

Thankfully, Lee is a barista first. He says he wants the coffee to taste good as well as look incredible. As part of the creamart technique, he uses delicate flavors so that the art and the coffee are compatible.

All of this is very cool. What makes it over the top for me is the fact that it's edible. In less than a minute that beautiful art work will be a blur.

Of course, I guess you can say the same thing for sidewalk art.

At the Coffee Cave, we may not have Kangbin Lee brewing the coffee and prettying up your latte. But it's no secret we have the best gourmet coffee in the county. Check out our website here.

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