• Ann Allanson

Give Up My Coffee? Seriously?

Some noodle head is suggesting I give up my coffee, but just for 3 days. Why? Because, he says, drinking coffee every day has become routine. I probably don't even enjoy it any more.

So the first thing that comes to my mind is this...Is he nuts?!

Yes, I have a routine. Who doesn't? Yes, coffee is a part of that routine. But can you honestly tell me that the aroma of brewing coffee and that first delightful cup could become old?

Anyone who is a true coffee lover knows that you simply can't go 3 days without coffee! The reasons are obvious but I'll elaborate anyway.

I love the taste of coffee. If I'm running late, I'll stop by the Coffee Cave and grab a cup of their coffee because I know it's gourmet, and it never disappoints. (Shameless plug).

Further, coffee is much more than a part of my routine. It's my companion, my source of comfort, my security blanket. But one thing it's not is routine.

According to this guy, if I give up my brew for three days I will relish it again. Hoo boy! This guy never woke up to face a job he couldn't stand. Or to a screaming two-year old. (They are about the same thing.)

Coffee is the elixir that calms, makes me take a deep breath, and with one swallow, makes me tolerate the rest of the human race at 6 a.m. What would I do without such a peacemaker?

Coffee is not only my morning salvation, it's the reason I can look my co-worker in the eye and say, "Good morning." It's the reason I can listen to my boss drone on.

Linus had his security blanket. I've got coffee.

I get that this guy is trying to re-energize my relationship with coffee. He wants me to fully appreciate the robust flavor and the aroma, and not just take it for granted.

But this guy is completely naive about the commitment a coffee lover has to that morning jolt. What's more, he totally doesn't get that drinking coffee daily keeps me sane.

Take away my sanity, and you might as well get the white jacket and haul me away.

So man, I appreciate your willingness to help me live a more conscious life. I appreciate that you want me to loosen the bonds of routine so that I'll become a better coffee lover, maybe even a better person.

But what you didn't mention in your article is the three days of hell I have to experience to get to this enlightened coffee zone. Three days of gritting my teeth, of stumbling out of bed, lost and inconsolable.

Three days or three lifetimes. It's all the same. The bottom line is this. Dude, it ain't happening.

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