• Ann Allanson

Does Your Coffee Spoon Get A Rest Before You're Ready?

How many times has it happened? You have a cup of coffee and think, "I'll put my coffee spoon right here by the sink in case I want to have another cup."

You go about your business. The mood strikes and you're ready. That's when you discover disaster has struck. Some fool actually washed the spoon! What were they thinking?

If you're familiar with this tale of woe, then let me offer up a suggestion you'll be hard pressed to refuse. Get this kind of coffee spoon instead.

Isn't it a beauty?

Now you can tell the world in no uncertain terms to LEAVE YOUR COFFEE SPOON ALONE!

If you're a serious coffee consumer, you know that it's the little things that make drinking coffee a rich and totally satisfying experience.

Yes, the coffee has to be gourmet quality. That goes without saying.

But it's the ritual around consuming that hot, frothy brew that completes it.

  • You have to have your favorite mug.

  • You have to have it at a certain time. For most of us, it's shortly after a shower.

  • You have to have the newspaper or iPad to read while you sip.

  • The exact amount of cream for your coffee (if you add it)

These are all important components to a enjoying a cup of coffee.

And then there's the second part of this ritual. The fact is, who can even think beyond the first cup? That's why you don't consider whether or not you want a second cup!

You're so lost in coffee's magic ability to bring the world into focus, clear out the cobwebs and make you realize, why, yes, in fact, you are indeed vertical.

No one is really quite capable of thinking beyond these simplistic terms. The brain has not fully engaged.

So when you finally register that you are awake and yes, I do want another cup of coffee. Some idiot with a compulsive desire to keep the kitchen spotless has taken your spoon.

Now you never have to worry about this irritating dilemma again. With a gigantic coffee spoon that screams, DON'T TOUCH ME! You can now go about your morning in a blissful haze until the fog clears.

Your spoon will be waiting for you and peace will reign in your world.

photo courtesy of www.thingiverse.com

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