Why Some People Salt Their Coffee

January 27, 2019




Some people swear by it. That is, adding salt to their cup or to the grounds. They claim it "cuts the bitterness." We love a good hack the same as the next coffeehound, but we thought this practice was rather odd. So we decided to investigate it.


Turns out putting salt in coffee dates back to a time when it was probably necessary. While coffee ​​​drinkers have always been finicky about the taste of their brew, the quality of coffee hasn't always been as good as it is now. 


Adding a pinch of salt to either a cup or to the grounds cut the bitterness and reduced the stale taste of stored tank water and inferior beans.


What's more, there is a very small percentage of the world's population who are "super tasters." These unlucky people are extremely taste sensitive to bitterness. Adding salt to their coffee may offer them a taste that's less bitter.


But for the rest of us...?


Good News About Salt in Coffee



While putting salt in coffee might be a good idea if the beans and water you're using are inferior, for ​​​most of us we can put this coffee hack to bed.


As a gourmet Staunton coffee shop, the Coffee Cave only uses Arabica beans and a high end roaster. You never have to worry about your morning joe tasting burned out and strong.


We brew a fresh pot every 90 minutes! And we use the right equipment. Check out our brand new espresso machine here on the right!


For home brewing, the same rules apply. Buy your coffee from a specialty coffee shop like ours where


the beans are roasted with tender loving care. 


Be sure to store your beans properly and use fresh water. And when you need a stellar cup of coffee on the run, you know where to find us!


The Coffee Cave is located on route 250, just outside of Staunton, VA. Stop in and see us!










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