7 Ways to Drink Coffee You've Never Heard Of

March 12, 2018




Latte...breve...espresso...cappuccino..Sound familiar? They're the staples of American coffee consumption here in the US. From a black coffee to a cup with all the added extras, coffee is how we get started in the morning.


And while the rest of the world relies just as heavily on black gold for a burst of energy and sanity, not everybody drinks it the same way we do.


Take a look at how our international neighbors start their days.


7 Countries That Don't Do Lattes


Flat White-A favorite of the Aussies, it looks like a latte but it isn't. Instead, it's a velvety mixture of espresso and steamed milk. (That'll get you going!)


 Espresso Romano-Now here's a twist! The Italians start their days by placing a squeeze of lemon in their brew. That's a jolt that keeps on giving.


Eiskaffe-The Germans start their day with a coffee that's more like a dessert. Made with ice cream, espresso cream, coffee, and topped with chocolate chips, this drink will keep you buzzing all the way to lunchtime!


Yuanyang-The Chinese aren't willing to make a decision on whether to have coffee or tea, so they do both. Yuanyang is hybrid of hot, brewed black tea, coffee and sweetened condensed milk. (I can't even begin to imagine what that tastes like!)


Cafe Cubano-Cubans finish off their meals with an espresso layered with sweet cream on top.


Vietnamese Coffee-Like the Germans, this one is part breakfast drink and part dessert. A hot drink, the coffee is slowly dripped over sweetened condensed milk.


Viennese Coffee-The Viennese like espresso as their go-to shot of ambition. This coffee concoction starts with strong espresso, followed by heavy cream and cinnamon. Sometimes chocolate chips are added, too.


We all knew that the world ran on coffee. But who knew it could take so many different forms. The real question is this:


Do any of these international coffees make you want to switch from your current favorite morning jolt?


If not, we'll keep brewing our gourmet coffee for you here at The Coffee Cave and we'll fix it just the way you like it, American style!






















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