Cannabis Coffee Shop?

April 1, 2017


I guess it was bound to happen. 


After decades of living life on the lam, pot is charging the front lines and demanding a respectable place in our lives. That includes cannabis coffee.


Hmmm...pot-infused coffee could be part of our local coffee shops, I guess. I must admit, though, that's one area I hadn't considered for cannabis.


And yes, it can get you high. In fact, with some coffee companies, you can choose your high.


Cannabis Chocolate-Covered Coffee Bean


Somatik, a cannabis start up company in San Fran approached the popular coffee shop, Ritual Roasters, about  creating a cannabis chocolate-covered coffee bean. (I can't even imagine what it tastes like).


Since it's San Francisco, it sounded like a cool idea. So the coffee shop said, "We're in!" That was probably a good idea since Millennials drink a ton of coffee. My guess is that drinking a cannabis chocolate coffee would be a new kind of hip. But I digress.


Somatik already sells a pot-infused cold brew to the tune of $11 or so for an 8 ounce bottle. Here in Virginia, we're pretty crazy about our coffee too. I'm just not sure we're going to pay $11 for 8 ounces of trendy.


But that could just be me. Besides, how are you going to explain to your boss your sudden mellow mood?


Edibles and Cannabis


So edibles and cannabis have been partners for a long time. (Brownies, anyone?) But now that pot is gaining new respectability, I guess it's time that cannabis got a new pair of shoes.


Like medicated steak. (pic source: Melissa Parks)


Yes the picture on the right is medicated steak and bread pudding. 


Melissa Parks is a chef with a hefty background in organic chemistry, of all things. 


She created cannabis-infused dishes for her customers with illnesses like breast cancer, lymphoma, migraines, and food allergies.


Parks has also co-authored a book entitled, "Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking Cannabis." In it, she has recipes for medicated:

  • Butternut squash soup

  • Mexican hot chocolate

  • seared bone-in rib eye with a garlic herb butter that's actually "canna butter"


Coffee High


The way I see it, cannabis is gaining acceptance in much the same way alcohol has. Remember Prohibition and Al Capone?


You can make all kinds of dishes with alcohol. And, unless, they are drinks, they won't get you sloshed.


With so many possibilities medically for cannabis, could it be we've gotten a little high from it all?
























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