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Would You Expect This From A Convenience Store?

If you've been to Jake's, you know it's not your typical convenience store in Staunton.

I mean, seriously, when was the last time went you to a convenience store and found craft beer on tap?

Or some seriously fine wine?

And then there's the gourmet coffee by the cup or by the pound.

I'm guessing you're used to a convenience store that sells candy, cigarettes, and beer.

Yeah, Jake's has that.

But the fact that Jake's raised the bar on convenience stores is what makes it so unusual.

Larry, the owner, is the busiest guy I know. He just never stops unless he sits down for a nap. Then he's out like a light.

Larry's brain never stops working, either. He's wired like that. For example, Larry saw a need for firewood business in the Churchville area.

That's when he came up with Jake's Firewood. (Clever name.) And it's a success.

So it's not surprising that when Larry started Jake's Convenience, he kept up with the trends in the area.

Craft beer is big? That's when he installed The Growler Station. I've lost count of the number of craft beers they carry. And beer lovers love it.

Yeah, you can buy Coors and Bud and all that. But Larry figured out that there were a lot of people that wanted Virginia craft beer, a higher quality beer, and he was right.

gourmet coffee

Then there's the Coffee Cave. The Allansons built the coffee shop (and later added The Growler Station to it.)

Even now, tourists through the area are amazed to find a gourmet coffee shop sitting in the middle of mostly nowhere.

People from as far away as Switzerland leave reviews about how glad they are to find Jake's Convenience and the Coffee Cave.

Regulars are also appreciative. Many of them drive from Highland County to go to work in Staunton.

Stopping at The Cave is a nice plus. They know they'll get an excellent cup of coffee or latte before they make the final leg into work.

That's why I say, "Would you expect this kind of quality and forethought from a Staunton convenience store?"

But here's the coolest thing about Jake's. You probably would never know who Larry is if you didn't ask.

Just so you know, he's the one wearing a cap, some work clothes, and got a cell phone glued to his ear.

That's what really makes Jake's so special.

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