• Ann Allanson

Coffee Grinders: Coffee Is All About the Grind

Jessi Lane Adams once wisely quoted,"Coffee smells like freshly ground heaven." Truer words were never spoken. It's that hypnotic aroma that turns a zombie-like morning into bliss.

But coffee doesn't really start with the aroma; it starts with the grind. To get that flavor, body, and, "yes, I'm finally human," vibe going, you have to have those beans crushed to perfection.

Burr Grinders

So what's the best way to grind your coffee into a little piece of heaven? Die hard coffee lovers prefer the burr grinder. Most people I know use a blade grinder, but what's the difference?

Burr grinders are the coffee aficionados preference, especially the conicals. These grinders, which are pricier than blade grinders, give a smoother, uniform grind.

While you can now buy the modern version in stores, you may remember the hand grinder your grandmother had.

That was a conical burr grinder. It had two abrasive, revolving surfaces (burrs) in which the coffee was ground.

We have the old-fashioned conical burr grinders that belonged to my husband's father. (Picture on right) He bought it in the '60's.

And I must say, it tops a blade grinder easily. However, my husband and I agree that a burr grinder is best for French presses and pour over brewing like a Chemex.

There are also flat burr grinders. Here's a video explaining the difference between flat and conical.

Burr grinders, a good one, are pricey, but well worth it if coffee is more than a call to arms, it's also an experience!

Blade Grinders

Much of the world brings coffee to the table with a blade grinder. They are inexpensive and usually give you a decent cup of coffee.

However, blade grinders don't produce a uniform grind, which is why coffee lovers prefer a burr over a blade. This is especially true if you're trying to get a coarser grind. You want to grind your coffee in spurts with a blade grinder, not all at once.

This will give your coffee a better flavor. As for which one you should buy? That really depends on your tastes, literally. If you want to learn more about coffee grinders, check out this post.

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